What Jewellery to Wear with Saree, Sarees are one of the most elegant and graceful outfits that accentuate the beauty of Indian women. The right jewelry can further enhance the look of a saree. But with so many options available, it can get confusing to decide what kind of jewelry will complement your saree the best. This comprehensive guide will help you understand what jewellery to wear with different styles of sarees for different occasions, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

How to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Saree

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect jewellery to go with your saree:

Consider the Style of Your Saree

– Simple cotton or chiffon sarees – Go for simple, delicate jewellery like studs or drop earrings, thin bangles, and simple necklaces. Avoid chunky jewellery.

– Embroidered or heavily embellished sarees – Pair them with statement jewellery like long earrings, thick bangles, and broad necklaces. The jewellery will complement the embellishments on the saree.

– Georgette or net sarees – Wear flashy jewellery like chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, and bracelets to contrast the sheer fabric.

– Silk or brocade sarees – Opt for jewelry with Kundan, Polki, or meenakari work like humans, chokers, kadas, and rings. They will match the zari/thread work on the saree, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree?

Match the Jewellery to the Saree Colour

– For light-coloured sarees like pastels, go for silver or platinum jewellery. Gold jewelry might look too stark.

– Darker shades like navy blue, black, and maroon will look best with gold jewelry.

– Bright sarees in pink, red, orange, and green will pop nicely against antique gold jewelry.

– For heavily embellished Banarasi or Kanchipuram sarees, wear jewelry that matches the color of the zari/thread work.

Consider the Occasion and Function

– For everyday and office wear, keep the jewelry minimal – studs, a bracelet or watch and a light neckpiece is enough.

– For weddings and festive occasions, wear your heirloom jewelry like kundan set, jade necklace, temple jewelry, etc. They add grandeur to the saree look.

– For evening parties and receptions, opt for fashion jewelry like jhumka’s, cocktail rings, bracelets, choker necklaces, etc.

Jewellery to Wear with Different Styles of Sarees

Here are some saree styles and the ideal jewelry options to pair them with.

Plain Cotton Sarees

Plain cotton sarees with minimal work are common for daily wear. Pair them with:

Earrings – Small jhumkas, studs or hoop earrings in gold or silver look classy with cotton sarees.

Necklace – Short mangal sutra necklaces in gold with black beads or pearls work well for regular wear. Avoid heavy necklaces.

Bangles – Wear 1-2 thin bangles in silver or gold. They peek out from under the saree sleeves and add a nice touch.

Maang Tikka – A maang tikka with pearl or Kundan adds grace to a simple cotton saree look.

Nath – A delicate gold nath nose pin can accentuate your nathni.

Payal – One thin silver payal on your ankles completes the everyday jewelry look.

Fancy Georgette or Chiffon Sarees

Sheer, flowy georgette or chiffon sarees need bold jewelry to balance the look.

Earrings – Wear big dazzling earrings like chandeliers, shoulder dusting earrings, or jhumkas.

Necklace – Choker necklaces in kundan or polki work beautifully with these sarees.

Bangles – Opt for glass bangles in colors that match your saree. Wear them in a stack for a glamorous look.

Maang Tikka – A kundan maang tikka with chains looks royal with sheer sarees.

Nath – A statement nath in the shape of a flower or with kundan/polki work.

Rings – Cocktail rings with colored stones or pearl accents make your hands pop.

Bracelets – Add an arm party with tennis bracelets or kadas with colored stones or pearls.

Payal – Heavy anklets with kundan and polki elevate the look.

Silk Sarees like Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Mysore Silk

These rich silk sarees need traditional temple jewelry.

Earrings – Wear a striking pair of jhumkas/ jhun jun payals in gold with kundan, polki, or pearl work.

Necklace – Short ornate necklaces like chandbalis with colored stones, pearls, or kundan look amazing.

Bangles – Opt for a full set of glass bangles and gold bangles like kadas, jhumkis, kangan, etc.

Maang Tikka – A kundan jeweled tikka or shoulder-length haram completes the traditional look.

Nath – Pearl or kundan naths with chains attaching it to the earring.

Waistband – Add a Kamar bandh with a kundan/polki design for a royal touch.

Payal – Stunning kundan or polki anklets take the look to another level.

What Jewellery to Wear with Saree

Embroidered Sarees

Sarees with zardozi, zari, and embroidery work deserve statement jewelry.

Earrings – Heavy earrings like chandbalis with Kundan stones or long earrings with pearls or beads.

Necklace – Broad necklaces like rani haars with colorful stones look amazing with embroidered sarees.

Bangles – Kundan and polki kadas in a mix of glass and gold/silver. Armlets add grandeur.

Maang Tikka – A kundan tikka covering the entire maang with chains and pearls.

Nath – A pearl or kundan nath with enamel work.

Kamarbandh – A broad embellished waistband compliments the saree work.

Payal – Kundan or Polki anklets with enamel work.

Rings – Cocktail rings with kundan or polki work.

Bandhani/Tie-Dye Sarees

The vibrant, colorful patterns of these sarees pair well with statement jewelry.

Earrings – Bold jhumkas and chandbalis with colored stones like polki, emerald, ruby, etc.

Necklace – Bright short necklaces like chokers made with colorful stones or beads.

Bangles – lac bangles in contrasting colors look amazing. Wear a rainbow stack.

Maang Tikka and Nath – A simple pearl tikka and nath looks elegant.

Kamarbandh – Enamelled waistband with colorful beads or stones.

Payal – One thin silver payal adds a tinkle to your walk.

Rings – Colourful lac rings with Kundan polki accents pop against the saree.

Jewellery for Occasions

Everyday Wear

For regular everyday wear like office or college, keep minimal gold/silver jewelry:

– Studs
– Delicate necklaces like mangal sutra or religious pendants
– 1-2 bangles
– Simple rings like bands
– Nosepin and bindi

Avoid heavy sets, earrings, necklaces, etc. that are meant for occasions.

Festive and Wedding Wear

Indian festivals and weddings call for wearing your traditional jewelry handed down through generations.

– Temple Jewellery – Layered necklaces, jhumkas, harams, Kamar bandh, kadas, nath
– Kundan – necklace sets, earrings, maang tikka
– Polki – chokers, cocktail rings, bangles
– Pearls – necklaces, earrings, rings
– Colourful Stones – raani haar, bracelets, rings
– Gold – chains, earrings, mangal sutra


Reception and Cocktail Parties

Dress up your saree for evening events by wearing fashion jewelry:

– Chandelier earrings
– Choker necklaces
– Cocktail rings
– Bangle stacks
– Stacked bracelets
– Glamorous anklets
– Maang tikka
– Waistbelt

Faux jewelry with colored stones, pearls, and kundan polki works well for adding drama, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

Jewellery Combinations for Different Face Shapes

Choose jewelry that flatters your face shape:

Round Face

– Long earrings like jhumkas to elongate the face.
– Broad/long necklaces that drape to the chest. Avoid chokers.
– Side-swept hair with maang tikka
– Curved shaped jewellery

Square Face

– Round earrings like hoops, and circles.
– Short or choker necklaces.
– Soft waves in hair with circular maang tikka
– Round hair accessories like Matha Patti
– Oval-shaped jewellery

Oval Face

– Statement chandeliers and shoulder dusting earrings
– Princess-length necklaces just above the bust
– Middle parted straight hair with kundan tikka
– Oval, heart, or round-shaped jewelry

Heart Face

– Small studs or jhumkas
– Chokers hugging the neck
– Side-swept curls with cascading maang tikka
– V-shaped necklaces
– Angular jewellery

Tips for Wearing Jewellery with Saree Gracefully

Follow these tips to ace the art of wearing jewelry with saree elegantly:

– For necklaces, 16-18 inches is the ideal length to complement most saree necklines.

– Match the metal color of your jewelry to your saree blouse for a coordinated look.

– Unique back necklaces add drama to a deep-back blouse.

– Stack similar bangles together – gold with gold, kundan with polki. Mixing metals and stones can look messy.

– Make sure your earrings are proportional to your face. Avoid giant jhumkas if you have a small face.

– Colour code statement jewelry with embellishments on the saree, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

– Don’t wear too many items together. Stick to 6-8 statement pieces for a classy elegant look.

– Invest in classics like kundan, polki, pearls, and gold that you can wear for years and pass down.

– Take care of your heirloom jewelry. Get them cleaned, repaired, and stored safely.

– Complete your saree jewelry with a pretty bindi, gajra, bangles, and bright lipstick!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Saree Jewellery

Here are some common queries about wearing jewelry with sarees answered:

1. Which is better – gold or artificial jewelry with sarees?

For everyday and regular wear, artificial jewelry offers more variety in the latest designs and colors. But for weddings and festive occasions, gold jewelry adds a touch of luxury and tradition, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

2. How to wear a matha patti with a saree?

Position it in the center part of your hair. Make sure the matha patti chains fall gracefully on both sides of the head. Add matching earrings for a cohesive look, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

3. Should I wear a nath with every saree?

No, a nath is not required for every saree look. Simple studs may look better with regular cotton sarees. But for festive silk sarees, a statement nath adds to the traditional charm, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree.

4. What length of necklace is best for a saree?

16 to 20 inches is the ideal length for most saree styles as it complements the neckline without falling into the saree pleats. But you can experiment with chokers, and princess or opera-length necklaces too.

5. How many bangles should I wear with saree?

There is no rule, but wearing 8-10 bangles in a stack provides fullness. You can wear just 1-2 bangles for regular wear and up to 20 for grand festive occasions if you please. Play around and see what you are comfortable with, What Jewellery to Wear with Saree!


Hope this guide gives you clarity on how to pair jewellery with your sarees perfectly for any occasion. Remember to pick designs, metals, and stones that complement your saree style and colors. Jewellery is meant to enhance your beauty, so wear it with confidence. Avoid overloading yourself with too much jewelry. Stick to these tips and your saree look will always hit the mark!
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