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Pearl Stone

Pearl (Moti in Hindi and Mukta in Sanskrit) is the only gemstone found within living creatures, known as mollusks, found both in fresh and saltwater. However, most pearls we find in the market come through cultivation, as they occur very rarely in nature. Although the gemstones require special care, they have an enduring appeal for jewelry. Pearl Stone (Moti) comes in a variety of colors, with white and cream as the most familiar ones. However, the palette of pearls extends to every hue. While natural pearls form around microscopic irritants in the bodies of certain mollusks, cultured pearls form due to the deliberate insertion of a bead or piece of tissue that the mollusks coat with nacre.

Who Should Wear a Moti Gemstone?

According to the Indian or Vedic astrology, the Pearl Rashi stone represents the auspicious planet Moon. Wearing Pearl Stone (Moti) helps in strengthening the Moon’s position in the wearer’s horoscope. It blesses the wearer with peace, positivity, psychological stability, and good health. Under Vedic astrology, astrologers prescribe Pearl Ratna for Karka (Cancer) Rashi. Western astrology also recommends a Pearl birthstone for the people belonging to the Cancer Zodiac sign. It also recommends Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pisces for better results.

How to Wear Moti Ratna?

  • Weight of the stone: The minimum weight of the stone must be 1/10th of the bodyweight of the wearer. 
  • Color: White Pearl Stone (Moti) is the best and most recommended color for better results.
  • Metal: Gold is the best metal to wear the gemstone. However, some astrologers also recommend silver rings for wearing the gemstone.
  • Finger: Most astrologers recommend wearing the gemstone on the forefinger of the working hand. You can also wear it on almost all your fingers. 
  • Day and time: Monday, early morning between five and seven is the best time to wear the stone. 

Benefits of Pearl Stone

Better anger management

According to the Vedas, the Moon is the ruler of emotions. Hence, astrologers often recommend Pearl to those people having trouble controlling their anger. Wearing pearl stone helps the wearer to stay calm, composed, and positive.

Brings clarity to thoughts

Astrologers believe that wearing Pearl Stone (Moti) benefits people in a profession that requires deep concentration, high confidence, and better self-expression. Wearing pearl stone bestows success in creative and artistic pursuits, which are the greatest benefits of the gemstone.

Improves maternal relationship

Vedic astrology associates the Moon as associated with the mother or the nurturer. Hence, wearing Pearl or Chandra Ratna benefits the health of the native mother and strengthens their mutual bonding.

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