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Yellow Sapphire Stone
Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire stone, popularly called Pukhraj, is an eminent precious stone. The yellow-colored gemstone belongs to the Corundum mineral family. Vedic astrology considers it one of the most recognized gemstones people wear for professional prosperity, blissful matrimony, healthy progeny, and enhanced willpower. This precious Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj) comes from Sri Lanka or Ceylon.

Who Should Wear Pukhraj Rashi Stone?

Vedic astrologer links yellow sapphire gemstone to the most powerful planet, Jupiter. While wearing the stone, you need to ensure that Jupiter occupies a positive place in the native’s birth chart. Indian or Vedic astrology suggests wearing Pukhraj stone for Sagittarius and Meen (Pisces) Rashi. In contrast, Western astrology prescribes the yellow sapphire gemstone for Sagittarius. People belonging to Zodiac Signs Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio can also wear the gem. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

  • The weight of the stone: The weight of the Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj) must be a minimum of 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight.
  • Color of the stone: Vedic astrology suggests wearing bright lemon or yellow color Pukhraj stone for best results.
  • Preferred metal: Astrologers suggest wearing yellow sapphire Rashi stone in gold or silver. However, you can wear it in Brass (Panchdatu), platinum, and white gold in some cases.
  • Finger: Astrologers suggest wearing the Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj) on the index finger of the working hand.
  • Day and time: Wearing the gemstone on Thursday early morning between five and seven is the best time.

Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone

Benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone

Success in business, job, and academics

Since Jupiter is the ruler of knowledge and wealth, Pukhraj stone benefits the restoration of fortunes in businesses. The gemstone is ideal for jobs that require a great deal of intelligence, creativity, and practicality, such as academics, trade businesses, and judicial services.

Improves financial and social status

Astrologers immensely trust the Pukhraj gemstone for bringing financial stability into an individual’s life. Moreover, the yellow sapphire gemstone improves willpower and wisdom, which leads to a rise in materialistic and economic wealth. It is one of the well-known and positive effects of yellow sapphire stone. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online

Health rejuvenation

According to astrologers, wearing yellow benefits people by enhancing their digestive system and preventing kidney and liver infirmities. Pukhraj benefits the wearer’s body while dealing with diseases such as tuberculosis and jaundice. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online

Marital and progeny bliss

Astrologers recommend the Pukhraj stone for women seeking matrimonial harmony or experiencing wedlock delays. With the planet Jupiter ruling the progeny, the effects of Pukhraj include aiding childless couples by promoting fertility. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online

Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Ring Buyer Beware Guidelines

The price of Pukhraj stones in Original Yellow Sapphire stone rings doesn’t only increase on the basis of size and weight as there are other quality combinations such as Yellow Sapphire Stone origin, Yellow Sapphire Stone color, Yellow Sapphire Stone clarity, Yellow Sapphire Stone cut, and Yellow Sapphire shape which also determine the price of the gemstone. It is of great value for a customer to know that the weight of Yellow Sapphire gemstones in India is usually expressed in Ratti and not in Carat. A customer must understand the difference between Ratti and Carat. Put on heat or color treatment in gemstones is done to inflate the merchandise value of poor-quality specimens. Untreated, unheated Yellow Sapphire stone is way more precious than synthetic, glass-filled or lab-created specimens. It is better to purchase certified Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) stones online or from a trusted dealer.

Buyers should be able to distinguish between real and fake Gemstone Lab Certifications. They should always verify the physical characteristics of Yellow Sapphire stone that it is 100% natural and free of treatments, from Gemstone Experts and Astrologers. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online

Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online
Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online