Want to Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online?

Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online
Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online

Buy Blue Sapphire Stone online or Neelam Stone is a precious, blue-colored gemstone belonging to the Corundum mineral family. Vedic Astrology considers blue sapphire stone as the most influential and active-acting gemstone. Guided by the mighty planet Saturn, the gemstone is effective in career, business, health, marriage, and achievement in a person’s life. Usually, the gemstone comes from Sri Lank (previously Ceylon), Burma (presently Myanmar), and Kashmir. Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online

Who Can Wear the Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam) is beneficial for individuals experiencing a challenging period of the “Shani Sadhe Saati” or “Dhaiya” period. The impact of the gemstone is powerful and felt immediately. Only experienced and skillful astrologers prescribe the Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam) dealing with utmost care. Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online

While Western Astrology advises a blue sapphire stone birthstone for Libra, Indian Astrology suggests Neelam Ratna for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi. People belonging to Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus Zodiac signs can also wear Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam birthstones). 

How to Wear?

  • Weight: The ideal weight of the Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam) must be at least 1/10th of a person’s body weight. For instance, a person weighing 50 kilograms requires at least 5 carats (5.50 Ratti) Neelam Ratna. Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online
  • Color: Light blue, blue, and dark blue colored Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam) is the best and most recommended gemstone color. 
  • Metal: Panchdhatu (white color metal) and silver is the best-suited metal for Neelam. 
  • Day and time: Saturday is the best time for wearing the metal. 
  • Finger: Middle finger of either hand is the best suited for the metal.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Stone or Neelam Stone

Blue sapphire stone is a popular gemstone with varied names such as Neelamani Stone, Indraneel Stone, Indraneelam Stone, and Neela Pukhraj in the eastern world. People have enormous faith in the gemstone, as it can resolve professional, financial, and psychological problems encountered during the “Shani Sadesati” phase. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone or Neelam Stone.

Surging fortunes

Instant reversal of sliding fortunes is one of the most rewarding benefits of Blue Sapphire Stone. Neelam ratan strengthens the weakened Saturn, thereby bestowing the person with abundant opportunities to create and manage wealth.

Instant success in jobs, business, and independent projects

Saturn compensates a person with just rewards. Wearing the blue sapphire gemstone, professionals and businesspersons facing stagnancy in their careers can break the deadlock and turn around their fortunes in a short period. 

Extended fame and popularity

Whether you have a creative endeavor or are politically ambitious, blue sapphire benefits the wearer’s talent and hard work recognized by the relevant communities, which brings him fame and fortune. Buy Blue Sapphire Stone Online

Stronger mind, bones senses

Neelam helps heal a wearer’s joint pain, gout, and arthritis and helps make sensory organs in good shape. The gemstone tranquilizes the mind and relieves people from confusion, depression, and anxiety. 

Reoriented discipline, patience, and detachment

Saturn inculcates discipline in a native’s lifestyle. The gemstone keeps the wearer focused, determined, and progressing towards work. One can realize the benefits of Neelam gemstone when it reflects in the rewards gained because of the work ethics of the wearer. 

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