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Red Coral Stone

Red coral stone, or Laal Moonga or Prabal, is a popular gemstone worn by people who believe in Vedic astrology. The striking red coral has varied names across the country. People call it Moonga in Hindi and Pagadam in Telugu. Due to the striking red blood-like appearance, people often call it the name Rakta Prabal. Unlike other gemstones found on the Earth’s crust, Red coral gemstone comes from deep under the sea. These Red Coral Stone (Moonga) occur in the form of leafless bushes with intermeshed sharp spicules of hard Calcium Carbonate.

Who Shall Wear Red Coral Stone?

The red coral stone represents Mars, a ferocious planet that rules courage, determination, and physical strength. Astrologers recommend wearing Red coral Rashi stone for strengthening weakly placed Mars in an individual’s horoscope. Astrologers recommend wearing Munga Ratna for Mesh (Aries) Rashi and Vrischick (Scorpio) Rashi. Western astrology prescribes red coral birthstone for Aries. However, the ascendants of Leo, Cancer, Pisces, and Sagittarius can also benefit from wearing the Munga Rashi stone.

How to Wear Laal Moonga Gemstone?

  • Stone weight: Astrologers suggest wearing red coral stone with a minimum of 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight.
  • Stone color: Astrologers recommend wearing the bright red coral for best results. Alternatively, a good quality spotless orangey-red coral will also offer good results.
  • The metal used: Gold and silver are the ideal metal used for wearing red coral Rashi stone. Alternatively, you can also wear the gemstone in panchdhatu, platinum, or white gold.
  • Ideal finger: wearing the Red Coral Stone (Laal Moonga) on the ring finger of the working hand generates the best results. 
  • Day and time: Astrologers recommend wearing the gemstone on Tuesday morning on Sukhla Paksha (Waning phase of the Moon). 

Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone

Improves digestive health and immunity

The health benefits of the Laal Moonga surpass almost all other gemstones, as it helps in restoring digestive, circulatory, and psychological health. Wearing the gemstone also boosts the immunity and mental concentration of the wearer.

Success in team management, leadership, and administrative roles

Since the gemstone represents the aggressive planet Mars, the red coral stone benefits the wearer by refining his team provision skills. The gemstone inculcates determination, focus, and initiative. Hence, astrologers recommend the stone for people associated in Army, Sports, Police, and professions that require high physical and mental stamina.

Real estate business

Vedic astrology considers Red coral stone as “Bhoomi Karaka,” which means the ruler of land and property. Hence, Laal Munga benefits the people associated with working industries such as real estate, interior decorator, mining, oil exploration, and physical asset management industries.

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