Benefits of buying jewellery at gandaram jewellers

AT gandaram jewellers each and every diamond is tested for CVD or Lab grown diamond to be sure that is and every diamond is 100% Natural Diamond

  1. We use 100 % conflict free Syndicate diamonds in all our diamond jewellery
  2. We Explain all 4C of Diamond to our customers before they make ant decision on buying their diamond jewellery
  3. All our Diamond jewellery is Certified BY either IGI (international gemmology institute) or GIA (Gemmological institute of America
  4. We at Gandaram jewellers use only excellent cut diamonds as they emit lighter and sparkle more
  5. we give 100% exchange value except making charges
  6. We at Gandaram jewellers ensure that all designs are in trend to latest fashion and are of highest finishing
  7. We guarantee all customers for fall of diamonds if there is no physical damage
  8. We have 100% transparent pricing with complete breakup
  9. Puneet mehra director at gandaram jewellers is a certified Gemmologist from IGI Antrep Belgium

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