7 Factors to focus on before buying Gold Jewellery Online!

is buy jewellery online save

Don’t you feel strange thinking about the whole past year? Things have changed a lot, right? From studying to shopping, everything is possible because of the internet. The Internet has become a necessity in the current era. A huge thanks to it for making our life easy.

Now, the days are gone to search for the Best Jewellery Shop Near Me or the Best Jewellery Showroom in Delhi. Most of the time, we do online shopping without even thinking twice. But when it comes to online Jewellery shopping, we get stuck. Isn’t it?

Many times, a question arises, Is it safe to buy Gold Jewellery Online? Do you also have the same doubt and want to have a perfect answer for it? Then, you are at the place. I have dedicated this blog to give the correct solution to your query.

Let me clear you a thing. Every person is different and has unique perspectives. You can’t absorb someone else’s experience as your own. And, if it is about Online Jewellery shopping, you need to consider these 7 factors to buy Gold online that are:

Check for BIS Hallmark

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The Government has stated the standards of everything to ensure the quality product. The same follows with Gold Jewellery. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the hallmark described by the Indian Government to check the authenticity of Gold. Don’t forget to check for it before buying Gold Jewellery Online. For 22ct hallmarked gold finesse stamp is 916 and for 18ct hallmarked gold jewellery finesse stamp is 750, for 14ct hallmarked gold jewellery the finesse stamp is 585

Don’t rely on Customer Feedback only

Most of the time, during online shopping, we rely only on customer feedback to make purchases. We immediately make purchases, if reviews are good. But, during online Jewellery shopping, you shouldn’t rely only on customer reviews. Because most of them are paid ones. Also, many brands remove their negative feedback to leave a good impression on the customers.

Don’t forget to check all the details of the Brand & Seller

Sometimes during online shopping, we often forget to check details regarding a brand, seller’s experience, and the website. But it is completely unavoidable at the time of online Jewellery shopping. Because Gold Jewellery demands an enormous investment and you can’t rely on any random brand or seller without checking its authenticity.

Read proper Product Descriptions and Terms & Conditions of the Product.

Whenever we see an attractive and beautiful product, we prefer to buy it immediately. But during online Jewellery shopping, this will be a mess. You just can’t rely on pictures only. Go for the proper product description to have an idea of what they are offering and at what price, and how you need to keep it for long-term uses. Also, don’t forget to read terms & conditions properly. Because every brand follows a different set of terms & conditions. And, when it comes to solving a query, they prefer to act as per their terms & conditions.

Don’t forget to check the Return Policy

It is obvious to get a defective product during online shopping. And, some brands don’t have a return policy as well. While doing online Jewellery shopping, you must check its policy in advance. So that, if the product is appropriate or below your expectations, you can replace it easily.

Check for Try at Home Feature

It is quite obvious to get confused in online shopping. So, we advise you to check for the Try at home feature. It is a must in online Jewellery shopping. Many brands provide this facility as well. Some brands also offer the benefit of the “add your picture feature.” In this, you can add your picture and try different Jewellery. It will tell the compatibility of the product with your choice.

Patience is the Biggest Key

Although, online shopping is something we do in a rush. But you can’t rush while doing online Jewellery shopping. Because Gold Jewellery requires an enormous investment.  And, you can’t take any decision without giving it proper time. So, if you are looking to do online Jewellery shopping, pick your laptop, be patient, sit on the couch, have a cup of coffee and then start searching.

Final Words-

We understand that trusting the internet for online Jewellery shopping might be a little bit tough for you. But, if you will consider the mentioned tips, you can do it safely. At last, by concluding all the thoughts, we would say that yes, it is safe to buy Gold Jewellery Online by following all the safety measures.

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