Ruby Stone (Manik)

r stone

Ruby is a precious gemstone with a pink to blood-red color. It is a variety of the mineral corundum or aluminum oxide. Vedic or Indian astrology suggests Ruby for improvement in career, social status, and love and power. Ruby represents the Sun. It improves the relationship with family among wearers, especially with the parents, health and gives authority. Africa and Burma are the major dealers of natural ruby.

Who Should Wear the Ruby Gemstone?

Since Ruby has deep connections with the Sun, astrologers consider Ruby the Rajratna or the King of gems. Astr0ologers recommend wearing the ruby gemstone depending on the position of the Sun in an individual’s horoscope. Vedic astrology recommends ruby stone for the Singha (Leo) Rashi. However, in Western astrology, people belonging to Aries, Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio Sun Signs can wear the gemstone. 

How to Wear the Gemstone?

  • Stone’s weight: The weight of the stone must be at least 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight.
  • Color: Astrologers generally recommend pigeon blood red ruby or deep pink color ruby for best results. Alternatively, some astrologers also suggest original, untreated rubies with lighter hues. 
  • Metal: Gold is the highly recommended metal. However, some people also wear it on silver, white gold, and panchdhatu.
  • Finger: Astrologers recommend wearing the stone on the ring finger of the working hand.
  • Day and time: It is best to wear the gemstone on a Sunday morning. 

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Improves financial and social status

Wearing the Ruby gemstone helps in improving the social status of the wearer. Astrologers believe that Manik Rashi Stone enhances the financial condition of the wearer and maintains his imperial and luxurious lifestyle.

Success in profession and academics

Ruby stone, ruled by the powerful Sun, benefits people engaged in a profession that requires authority, such as administrative services, politics, and other leadership roles. Astrologers also advise students preparing for central and state service examinations to wear the stone. 

Better paternal relationships

Since Indian or Vedic astrology acknowledges the Sun as the father, wearing Chuni gemstone influences paternal relationships. Astrologers believe that Ruby Ratna is beneficial for the native’s father, and thus you can improve his weakened circumstances. 

Rejuvenated health

Vedic astrology considers the Sun as the karaka of bone, heart, and eyes. Manikya gemstone offers restored vitality, improved blood circulation, and eyesight. Moreover, Chuni is ideal for people struggling with issues related to self-esteem. It positively affects self-confidence, as it reorients the emotional intelligence of the wearer.