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When you gift someone jewellery you achieve immortality in their heart.


Mr. Gandaram Mehra dared to dream big almost a century ago with a conviction to serve untarnished, today the establishment stands high for its impeccable quality and authentic designs. He Founded Gandaram Jewellers in Lahore in the year 1932 and then shifted to Chandni Chowk, Delhi amidst the partition. He also opened a showroom in Lajpat Nagar 2 in the year 1991, laying down the foundation of one of the finest jewellery stores in Delhi.


Gandaram Jewellers, a trusted jewelry store since 1932, with a legacy spanning nine decades, we are your trusted source for gold, diamond, polki, and platinum jewelry. As a well-established jewelry store in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, we’re also a reputable gold dealer, expert jeweler, and experienced diamond merchant. Count on us for accurate jewelry appraisal services. We are not just a gold dealer but also your go-to store for gemstone jewelry, diamond engagement rings, and jewelry appraisal, jewelry valuation. We also provide jewelry repair services, all precious gemstones, and designer jewelry. Our team includes skilled goldsmiths, gemologists, and jewelry designers to cater to your every jewelry need.

At Gandaram & Sons Jewellers Pvt Ltd, we are a one-stop destination where you can celebrate your special occasions with an amazing collection of jewellery items. We offer you the most mesmerizing and splendid pieces of jewellery. We present you the most attention-grabbing jewellery designs that you can catch hold of in one go itself. We give you an artistic range of jewellery items that you will fall in love with. With us, you will surely cherish your purchase forever. Our collection includes necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. that are made using different materials like gold, platinum, diamonds. With our products, you can look forward to adding a stunning and elegant look to your personality. Every piece stands unique and is a perfect combination of design, style, and quality. All gold jewellery is hallmarked. Government Approved Jewellery makers and also an authorized dealer of Nakshatra Jewellery.

Our range is not only comprehensive, but also versatile, in-order to compliment all sorts of outfits. Our creative and designer craftsmen help you to stand out from the crowd through their unique, dazzling, and fabulous jewellery innovations. All our jewellery items sprinkle noticeable quality, undeniable excellence, and perfection. It is our astounding collection and our stronghold on the quality standards that have enabled us to create a reputation in the industry. Our designs are a combination of traditional and modern cultural values. Our products are synonyms to the classical, elegant, designer, fashionable, discreet, contemporary, extraordinary, and unique. Our jewellery designers work hard to create extraordinary pieces to satisfy the unique requirement of our customers.



In the 21st century, when I look around me, business is all about top lines, bottom lines, and market capitalization. But my father, Mr. Gandaram Mehra entered this business in the pre-independent era to build a better India, as our forefathers believed the ethical, fair business will make India self-sufficient and strong.

I believe Gandaram Jewellers’ major achievement is the trust we have earned from lakhs of people across the city, country and even the world.

We have always believed in fair and transparent business. We believe that the customer should be understood so well that we know their needs much before they understand them themselves. We believe that an enlightened customer is the best customer. These are the simple principles that have helped us reach where we are today.

Today, Gandaram Jewellers is one of the most prestigious jewellery stores in Delhi. Pampered by your unbound love and support and with the blessings of the Almighty, we believe we are on the right path towards the accomplishment of our vision to open stores and serve customers across India.




I feel our biggest differentiator is not only the ability to understand local, think local and act local, but at the same time bringing in our vast experience and sourcing strength out of operating in multiple markets. Jewellery is a complicated product because tastes vary even within the same state. What helps us here is the huge variety of products we stock from artisans across the country. We carefully and painstakingly select the designs of our products and customize them according to the demands of the consumer demography of each market we step into as India is such a vast country with diverse tastes.

We have something for everyone. Highly skilled craftsmen create our products along with stringent quality control measures which create that perfection in the products we sell.

Vanit Mehra - Director of Gandaram Jewellers
Puneet Mehra - Executive Director of gandaram jewellers



We have always visualized everything on a large scale. We always enjoyed making the road and never thought of following a trail. Massive marketing campaigns and launches, path-breaking ads which were never-before-seen in jewellery advertising, multi-story large-format jewellery showrooms, same-day multi-launch ceremonies. We have always worked with the best to endorse our brand at all levels. We introduced a lot to jewellery retailing – customer loyalty programs, price tags, customer service centers in our store, corporate tie-ups, and many such things. We have always believed in thinking ahead of the customer, in his interest, for his interest.

We have immense gratitude towards everybody who set their feet into a Gandaram Jewellery store and we would always want everyone to continue to be a part of this vibrant family at Gandaram & Sons Jewellers and we will do everything for that.

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Our Vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it.

To understand and delight India, Specially Delhi, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewellery, and spread the happiness from it to all.


Our mission declares our purpose of existence as a company and our objectives. To give every customer much more than what he/she asks for in terms of:

  • Quality,
  • Selection,
  • Value for money and
  • Customer service,

By understanding local tastes and preferences and innovating constantly to eventually provide unmatched experience in jewellery shopping.

Amita Naveen
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It was osm visiting here.. I've purchased gold chain and a ring 🤩 they attended us me well and the service was excellent.. humble and soft spoken sales girls with polite behaviour 😇 must visit here for buying jewellery
Shagun Dayal
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It was a treat to visit the showroom . Excellent and prompt customer service . The staff was warm and helpful as a member of a family could be . During covid times they made absolutely sure that all safety measures were undertaken . Stunning designs with a vast variety . Ambience of the showroom is excellent. Will definitely visit again and soon . 😊👍
Rakesh Kumar
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Guys if you are looking for any kind of gold or diamond jewellery look no further and buy from gandaram jewellers, Take my words you won't regret It, they treat their customers like King and are very friendly over and above they are in jewellery industry since 1932. Cheers. 🥂
Surbhi sachdeva
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A very unique collection to match accoridng to your preferences. Be it traditional or a formal wear, this place is an absolute hit.Every ornament is designed gracefully....From A Ring To Heavy Traditional Jewelry, Gold, Diamond, Platinum , Polki or Any kind of Precious Stones are All under One Roof...This is the uniqueness of This Brand....A Dazzling Jewellery Hub To Dazzle Ur life..
Karan kumar Bhatia
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I purchase a diamond engagement ring and was a little concern at first since shopping for my engagement ring and not being able to, now for sure what your getting can be a little scary, but I was surprised and very pleased with the ring. They were exactly what I wanted on a diamond engagment ring and the price was right.....recommended gandaram jewellers 💯😍
Nitin Chauhan
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Don't look anywhere else for your diamond and hold jewellery, you can straight away vome to gandaram jeweller fir all your jewelry needs, and you will be part of their family, very friendly people and latest designs with reasonable prices
Vandana Mishra
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I highly recommend going here.mr.puneet and the team at gandaram jeweller were all extremely nice and helpful .once the ring arrived it came out absolutely flawless.i can't wait for my partner to start wearing the ring as i know she'll be over the moon about it, thanks gandaram jeweller